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    Powered by the most comprehensive source of OPEN511-compliant smart incidentsTM across Canada,
    REROUTEME's next-generation route planner will help you avoid traffic on your commute.


Innovative technology which collects, standardizes and locates traffic incidents from a variety of provincial and municipal sources.


Transforms standardized and non-standardized incidents into smart incidents, pinpointing their exact location and impact on traffic flow.

Route Planner & Navigator

Takes into account critical factors such as smart incidentsTM, road congestion, weather, time of day and day of week.

Advanced route planner

ReRouteMe is a sophisticated routing engine designed for all types of ground commutes with the goal of minimizing commute time and cost. Unlike other route planners, ReRouteMe understands time-sensitive routes and integrates your city’s construction schedule into its routing algorithm to steer you away from congested points. And if there are any last minute speed bumps along your route, ReRouteMe will send you an email notification along with alternative route options. Watch introduction video or start here to try our application.


ReRouteMe® is a world-leader in proactive and innovative road traffic optimization solutions.
ReRouteMe thrives to be the solution of choice for developers and businesses as well as the strategic partner for municipalities and Ministries of Transportation in building a smarter way to commute.


Provide the smartest route using our innovative route planner, which is capable of customizing routes using a number of factors such as the day of week, the time of day, smart incidentsTM as well as traffic congestion data.


Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing routes, showing the CO2 emissions for each trip and promoting the use of public transit.


Encourage various government organizations to facilitate greater public access to their data by demonstrating the innovative technologies that can be built using open data.

Miss traffic, Make Memories

- ReRouteMe -


Our approach to solving traffic congestion is to create a high-quality road network and a repository of smart incidentsTM from open sources, which are used by our fully dynamic next-generation route planner to create accurate routes.

Custom Network

Turns open mapping data into a high quality routable road network with turn restrictions and prohibitions. Our process uses a variety of sources including OpenStreetMap, NRN and ORN.


Allows for flexible representation of data such as incorporating turn prohibitions, varying behaviour by mode of transport as well as applying smart incidentsTM in realtime.

Time-sensitive Routes

Factors the trip date and time when calculating the optimal route. Therefore, our planner provides customized paths during holidays, weekends and within/outside the rush-hour.

Smart IncidentsTM

Collects incident information from public sources and transforms them into the OPEN511 standard. Then, using our custom geolocating process, we pinpoint location and impact to traffic flow.

dynamic Route Planner

Facilitates the inclusion and exclusion of road network components, in realtime, including favoring, unfavoring or disregarding specific road segments.

Route Monitor

Monitors users' saved routes as the network changes due to smart incidents, congestion and other factors. The route monitor then sends impacted users an email notification along with the new optimal route.

Delivery Planner

Combines the power of TSP (Traveling Salesman Problem) with the added value of our dynamic route planner, allowing businesses to save cost using a traffic and incidents aware delivery planner.

Public Transit Route Planner

Enhances public transit GTFS data by correcting data errors, including creation of missing shapes (bus routes on a map along the street network). We then plan routes using OpenTripPlanner.

Drivers' Toolkit

Provides a variety of useful tools to drivers such as finding points of interest (POIs) along user route, calculating trip cost based on car type & gas price and calculating taxi fares.


incidents to-date




Public Transit Agencies


Lines of Custom Code

Cloud Services

Our objective is to share our innovative technologies without the associated complexity.

Our cloud services will allow you to easily integrate very powerful & complex suite of technologies into your applications.

Interested in integrating our powerful APIs into your application? Request access today!

Smart IncidentsTM API

Enrich your mobile or web application with our smart incidentsTM

  • OPEN511 Standard
  • Precise Georeferenced Location
  • Traffic Flow Impact
  • Realtime & Historic Data
  • Provincial & Municipal Coverage
  • Supports both JSON & XML

Next-Gen Route Planner API

Use our powerful next-generation route planner to plan routes for your clients or users

  • Dynamic Routing Engine
  • Custom Road Network
  • Accounts for Date & Time
  • Turn Restrictions & Prohibitions
  • Smart Incidents
  • Supports both JSON & XML

Public Transit API

Use our multi-modal and multi-agency planner to plan routes using corrected & enriched GTFS data

  • Based on OpenTripPlanner
  • Most Canadian Cities Supported
  • Advanced Park & Ride Selection
  • GTFS Cleanup & Correction
  • GTFS Shapes Creation
  • Supports both JSON & XML

Data Sources

None of this would be possible without the amazing efforts of the following organizations and their support communities.

We are inspired by their unflagging devotion and contributions to open data.

Meet the Founders

With over 40 years of combined enterprise technology experience, our founders provide the business and technical leadership to a team of amazing developers and designers to make all of this possible.

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